Our proficiency
“Forge ahead with technology that comes with proven industry expertise and consistently pitch new propositions to the utilities industry.”
  • Many Utilities are challenged by environmental distress, creation and changing consumer expectations and behaviors.
  • We help figure out more efficient ways of interacting with clients and delivering services in optimal cost and time.
  • Resource conservation, renewable energy, and lower product cost is the new norms for the industry.
  • It requires unprecedented operational agility which ResolveSoft can help realize.
  • To meet the demands of both the regulators and increasingly savvy consumers, companies in the water industry across the world are investing in digital transformation.
  • Given the scale of investment there is a very strong focus from regulators, investors and the companies alike to ensure programs are delivered effectively and drive out inefficiency at all levels.
Our Capabilities

A mobile app which features billing management, outage alerts and rewards for conservation.

Multichannel experience to customers. Meet your customers where they are.

We help you to establish a smart asset management system and build smart infrastructure with modernized networks which enhances security and storage. It brings in flexibility and resilience.

What we can offer you?
Our Solution Capability