Our Proficiency

“Building an appealing and powerful eco system across every facet of governance. Resolvesoft is able to provide governments the means to connect citizens, government agencies, businesses and NGOs and deliver services to them in a cost effective manner.”
Transform Governance, Empower Citizens

We use simplify digital technology (core infrastructure and applications) to create inventive e-governance models. Our expertise in areas such as public safety, transport, smart cities and digital governance for efficiency and scalable services is ready for deployment.Government agencies are being asked to function with less resources – lower budgets, fewer skilled workers and diminishing natural resources. We will help you to transform to a digitally smarter governance and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Our Solution Capability
Resolvesoft Can provide solutions to following areas such as:
  • Transforming the IT of public sectors to handle ‘simplified’ government processes and build an agile and responsive system.
  • Using advanced analytics to manage equipped services under controlled  reduced natural resources.
  • Assuring the resumption of normal business operations after recovering from controls imposed by natural calamities.
  • Creating paperless government offices.
Our Technology

We excel at tackling the complex public policy challenges, from reforming financial regulatory oversight and improving our healthcare system, from fostering information sharing among law enforcement organizations and supporting transportation expansion initiatives.

Cyber Security

Create defense in depth to shield against developing threats with a responsive built-in security system.


Support sheltered data management, suitable access, and data isolation.

Artificial Intelligence

Use structured/unstructured data to develop prototypes, suggest solutions, and speed up decision making.

Internet of things

Harness real-time data from sensors and actuators for insight that can help improve citizens’ lives.