Our proficiency
“Connecting Students, Trusted Imminent & Smart maneuver by comprehending the prospect of education through digital transformation”
Our Education and Research Areas
Our objective is to aid digital transformation and help institutions create new digital products and transform existing products to digital to foster remote learning. Our solutions are associated to the significant focus areas such as:

Expertise in Digital arena to assist schools, colleges and universities to frame a technology strategy to improve the student experience.

Provide a platform to publishers and education facilitators to create applications, programs and products.

Create a forum to enhance the learning efficacy of the students with guidance from experts in their relevant domain.

Create a platform with “Any time tutor” mode through video conferencing / social networking to reduce overhead.

Building an end-to-end Assessment Platform for students assessment, delivering and reporting to improve the academic experience.

Our Consultation Areas
Resolvesoft provides consultation for the following areas:

With the aid of AI, analytics and other immersive technologies we provide better experience to students from their journey beginning including registration, on-boarding, learning, assessments, credentialing and reporting.

Assuring Digital transformation for Next-Gen Education – We collaborate with educational institutions and ventures to co-create platforms and milestones that endow students with the digital skills needed for an employable workforce of the future.

At the controlled cost, we can offer a host of infrastructure services that assist in improving learning outcomes, carry decision-making and enhance institutional efficacy. Our IT infrastructure services include implementation, modernization, cloud migration, enterprise applications maintenance and infrastructure consolidation. We also offer portfolio analysis and optimization.

We build student-centric solution which facilitate learning platform development, content migration, accessibility and solutions for delivering learning effectively across multiple devices.