Banking and Financial Services

Our Proficiency

“We are assisting banks and financial institutions modernize to succeed in the digital economy and get ready for disruption.”
Applying Digital Strategy
Next Generation Banking

Our multi-disciplinary team helps business leaders find new sources of value. We accelerate the process of turning ideas into prototypes and scalable real-world solutions leveraging the business and technology expertise of our team to implement at speed and scale.
Applying Digital Strategy to take you to next generation Banking.
Invent, activate and employ to generate value across your business ecosystem.

With Cloud
With AI
With BlockChain
  • Providing Security to your digital stage and augment your client understanding with smart cloud solutions.

  • Deliver greater client value with smart, secure cloud solutions.

  • Easily integrating cloud with your existing IT with a choice of local, private and shared deployment models.

  • Execute your cloud with confidence with access to industry expertise and technical resources.

  • Using DevOps services to quickly build up, test and deploy your applications in minutes, let your bank to keep up with fast-moving, low-cost disrupters.

Human-Free Banking
  • Boosting all aspects of your banking operations with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

  • In the era of empowered clients, banking and financial institutions require technology that not only analyze data, but comprehend, rationale and continually improve.

  • Cognitive marketing system from ResolveSoft helps banks to deliver more tailored, pertinent and interactive offers that compel customer loyalty.

A key Technology in the Digital Supply Chain
To build trust for all we bring in this technology in the field of financial services. We are bringing simplicity, efficiency and transparency to financial transactions.
  • Transforming trade finance – Standardizing rules and simplified trading options reduce risk and augment opportunity for banks and SMEs.

  • Clear and settle gateway payments in few seconds .

  • Streamlining financial transactions.

  • Building customer trust and enhancing the banking experience.


Banking Segments We Serve

Payments — Effective design to detect and notify Money laundering and improving the risk management process.

Lending  — Establish scalability and stability with automated front and back end offices by utilizing Robotic Process Automation.

Governance, Risk and Compliance  — track regulations, analyze impact on the organization and implement changes.

Retail and Commercial banking  — We build the technology that operates on models for the future. Irrespective of your focus area, retail or commercial.